〃Nicole Linkletter(妮可)


身高:5'10英呎 ; 178公分




喜愛節目:Gilmore Girls

喜愛電影:I Am Sam

喜愛雜誌:Cosmo, InStyle, and Allure




Nicole Linkletter美國模特兒,她是全美超級模特兒新秀大賽第五季的冠軍。她在勝出後與Ford模特兒公司簽約。

Linkletter appeared in Cycle 5 of the show, starting out as a naïve corky model wannabe. By the end of the journey, Linkletter metamorphosed into supermodel material with a stunning, consistently beautiful portfolio. During the finale fashion runway show for Gharani Strok[4], Linkletter's fierce runway walk proved to the judges how much she had improved throughout the competition. In the final judging, the judges selected Linkletter over the runner-up Nik Pace, for her stunning portfolio, her model attitude and her fierce catwalk, naming her the winner of the show.

Tyra said of Nicole, "The one thing about Nicole is she has the model 'thing' more than any of our other winners – the body type, the face type and the attitude," Tyra explains. "She really is a fashion model. She reminds me of the girls I modeled with when I was in Europe when I was 17 years old. Some of the girls were a little shorter, had big bubbly personalities, or certain things were off or different, but Nicole has the model 'thing.'" Fellow judges Twiggy and Nigel Barker likened Linkletter's look to that of an "English rose."


得了cover girl 的合約,Ford model 公司簽約,以及 ELLE 雜誌的拍攝!
Nicole Linkletter(妮可)在2006年與with Elite Model Management公司簽約!(LA Women's division )而離開了 Ford!
CoverGirl Makeup and Eyewear, Milk Boutique, V Magazine, ELLE Magazine, Ellegirl Magazine, Girlfriend Magazine, Zink Magazine, In Touch Magazine, Celebrity Living Magazine, People Magazine, US Weekly Magazine,Golf For Women Magazine, Vanidades Magazine, VIGOSS U.S.A. Jeans, and Ford Fusion. Her runway shows include Alice & Olivia Fashion Show 2006, The Society of Young Philanthropists Gala/Fashion Show 2006, and Fashion For Life Benefit Show 2006. She has graced the covers of ELLEgirl Magazine (2月 2006), Women's Health & Fitness Magazine (3月 2006), Lemonade Magazine (4月 2006), and Vanidades Magazine.


In March 2006, Linkletter left her original agency FORD models, and signed with Elite Model Management[5]. Linkletter also signed with Star Born Talent services, a talent agency, shortly after her win on Top Model.

Linkletter has appeared in ELLE Magazine (April 2006) for a couture spread shot in Paris. This spread was ELLE's spring 2006 couture spread for which Linkletter was selected by photographer Gilles Bensimon. In addition to this, She has appeared on the covers of ELLEgirl Magazine (Feb 2006), Women's Health and Fitness Magazine (Mar 2006), Lemonade Magazine (Apr 2006), LeMonDe Magazine (Apr 2006) and Vanidades Magazine (July 2006).

Linkletter's has modeled for CoverGirl cosmetics and eyewear, Ford Fusion, Secret Deodorant, Vigoss jeans, Yank Clothing [1], Sele Clothing, Milk Boutique, ELLE Magazine, ELLEgirl Magazine, People Magazine, Jewel magazine, V Magazine, US Weekly Magazine, Lemonade Magazine, Women's Health and Fitness Magazine, Zink Magazine, Girlfriend Magazine, Celebrity Living Magazine, Golf For Women Magazine,Cosmopolitan magazine, Grand Forks Herald, In Touch Weekly Magazine and Vanidades Magazine.

Her runway shows include: Gharani Strok Fashion show, Alice and Olivia (Fall 2006), Fashion for Life Benefit Show 2006, The Society of Young Philanthropists Gala/Fashion Show 2006, Bebe Runway Show (Spring 2007) [11],and Italian Trade Commission Spring 2007 for Grimaldi Giardina Spring 2007.

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