〃Amanda Swafford(阿曼達)

年齡:28 歲


出生地: Hendersonville, North Carolina



身高/體重:5'8" / 115 lbs.


喜愛的雜誌:Vanity Fair

喜愛的食物:Crab cakes



也曾經在America's next top model 有好的成績:沒有進人Bottom two , 而順利進入最後三強的參賽者: Amanda Swafford (第三季), Kahlen Rondot (第四季), & Joanie Dodds (第六季)


出現在Levi's 中;拍過Bliss for Brides Magazine;走過Ellegirl presents Dare To Be You: Wal-Mart Meets America's Next Top Models 2005等秀;目前正在寫童書 。

"none shall enter"

On a constant seach for the I AM, we are all lost until the ego has broken itself into the pieces of you *fuck you jewell for getting your poetry published* that you cannot find and you rebuild yourself with what you remember to be the real you and what is the right you...

I AM ONLY I. has been my mantra until recently, when I realized (heard) that someone else claimed to have come up with the symbol that I so ingeniously created to represent that. It just proves that no matter how special you think you are, how much import you put into your uniqueness or how desperately you try to fit in, there will never ever be the individuality your seek, nor will you ever match the herd enough... we are . ...the soul the spirit the problem the solution the cause the effect we are nothing we are everything. sorry for getting buddist on your ass. soak it up or throw it away, it doesn't matter. I just hope you do good in your life, that you make a smile everyday, your own or otherwise. As long as that happens, right on. Stop bitching, start living, stop living, start being. stop being. start something....rock the fuck on with your bad self. keep it real. wtf does that mean...you don't keep anything one way or else it is far from real.

evolution is the revolution. start using your fucking brain. live life don't watch it.

okay. I'm on some type of rant...I shall end it now and go play with my son, our future.... Jah Wolf, Leader of the Post Apocalyptic Free World, remember it bitches.lol.

(轉自Amanda my space)


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